World Trade Center

When I moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, a number of years ago, I was inspired by a unique view of World Trade Center towers: they appear as one. Over the next few years the World Trade Center became my favorite subject. Every time I found myself in a new area that had a view of downtown Manhattan, I took more pictures.

I moved from Hoboken to Boston without ever having completed my ideal representation of the World Trade Center. Then, one clear day in September of 2001, the unthinkable happened. I was deeply affected; like so many, I felt paralyzed and empty. Finally, I decided to revisit the piece.

The end result is a combination of two underlying currents: the somber, heavy memories of the events surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Center, and the vibrant, cheerful memories of the brightest moments before September 11, as expressed in color and composition .

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